Do I Need To Have My Chimney / Flue Swept?

Chimneys need to allow the free passage of combustion gasses. Regular (at least annually) sweeping is recommended and will remove soot, bird nests, cobwebs and any other blockages. It also removes creosote, which will help to prevent dangerous chimney fires. Chimney Sweeping will also increase the efficiency of some appliances.

Do I need my chimney lining?

There is a regulation that says your installer must satisfy themselves that the chimney is free from defects and suitable for its intended use. When he or she checks your chimney they may find that the only way to provide you with a compliant and safe installation is to line the chimney. If there is any risk that the chimney could leak fumes in to the house they must line it with a suitable re-lining material. There are quite a few choices of system and the most popular is the flexible stainless steel type. It may be an essential part of your installation. Our surveyor will be able to give you more detailed information on a home survey.

Who will do my installation?

Coles For Fires has their own in house fitting teams and does not sub contract this work out to others. All works are carried out by us and certificated with the relevant governing body.

How do I know which Fire will fit my home/chimney?

Coles For Fires will talk you through your requirements in our Kettering showroom to narrow down the search for your ideal Fireplace / Wood burner. We also carry out a home survey to make sure your choice will fit perfectly to your desired location.

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